Jericho Table/Hot Meals

John Smallwood-Coordinator 

Jericho Road board believes that it is not ok to be hungry in our nation of abundance.

In 2007 our organization partnered with the Central Oregon Council on Aging (COCOA) to provide hot, healthy food free of charge to the hungry of Redmond Oregon. During 2014 Jericho Table served over 7,000 free hot meals. Meals are served Monday – Thursday each week and every other Friday (the other Fridays, meals are served by City Center Church). The first Saturday of each month, we have a pizza party.

The meals are catered by a local caterer and served at the Church of God Seventh Day (205 NW 4th St. Redmond OR.) from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM. Nearly 100 volunteers in teams of 4-8 set up, serve and clean-up after each meal. These volunteers also interact with the guests and provide an important element of personal connection for them.


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Jericho Student Food

Mary Kimmel /Dave Kimmel -Coordinators

A high percentage of students in the schools in and around Redmond qualify for free or reduced cost lunches. These same meals are not provided over the weekend, resulting in many being hungry. In 2010 Jericho Road requested the Redmond School District and the Family Network (FAN) to identify children who could benefit from extra food over the weekend, so that this situation could be addressed.

Each week during the school year volunteers fill backpacks at the Neighborimpact warehouse. These packs are then delivered to the Redmond schools for distribution to the students on Fridays. The students return the empty packs to school on Monday where they are picked up by volunteers, refilled and returned to  the children the following Friday. During its first year the program doubled in its size. With continuing economic hard times, the number of hungry children is projected to grow significantly.      

 Jericho Pizza Cards

Kenny Larkin-Coordinator

Once a month these $5 cards are given out to individuals and families to help sustain them over the weekend or whenever they would need some extra food.  This allows them to use the cards when they need them the most which may be midweek so gives them more flexibility.  This program has replaced the weekend nutrition bags which was given out once a month on Fridays.


Jericho Road Housing

Eleanor Bessonette-Coordinator

A roof overhead during difficult times is essential for healthy families and strong communities.  Jericho Road Housing Program tries to support families and individual that are experiencing a temporary housing crisis due to unemployment, health issues or educational needs.  Jericho Road Housing, through an application and interview process, provides housing assistance and support to those in need.  This assistance  may include funds for rent assistance, deposit costs support, utilities, moving expenses, application fees and other housing needs. 

Our program also includes a mentoring program.  Our mentors are trained volunteers who assist families in setting realistic goals and reaching these goals. Mentors are available to those we are assisting or as requested.




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